The Great 8
Be the human your pet thinks you are.
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BAYTOWN, Texas 77520

Who We Are

Funny. Stubborn. Sweet. Positive. Loud. Blessed. Different. Awesome. Describe a family with so many characters? Ring Master, Acrobats, The Balancing Act, Clowns (times 8), Contortionist, Juggler, Magician, and Tightrope Walker all compile the Great 8 family. Our family is full of laughs. We drive each other crazy, but can’t live without one another. 
We have learned that each member is special in their own way. For us, special just another word for awesome.  We can go from crying to a full-out comedy show.  Laughter strengthens our family bond. This is how we came up with the circus theme for The Great 8. When we share a joke or a funny quote with each other, we strengthen the family bond. Siblings forget their wars, cousins loosen up, and Grandmommie feels connected with the complete 8. We choose to make humor a family affair.
Our belief is that pets are brought into our lives to teach us many lessons. Our Big Boy, King, loves to see us together, laughing with him in the center of it all. He does a Great trick for each of us in order to get another treat. The Great minds started thinking, King continued jumping through a hula hoop, and the 8 started baking. The quality and love that goes into creating each of our homemade, human quality dog treats allow us to provide your dog a healthy snack that is not only nutritious, but free of unhealthy additives as well. A treat should be enticing and irresistible to your pet, and we supply that for you.