Spring Hill Farms
Grass Fed & Finished Beef, Lamb, Pastured Pork, Poultry, and Turkeys
Contact Information

Charlotte Schramm
(281) 414-9588
3431 County Road 186
Anderson, TX 77830

We supply our animals an all-natural, high quality feed. Moreover, our animals are allowed large areas in which to graze and roam. None of our animals are exposed to pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics.

We raise all of our pigs on pasture to allow them to do “pig things” such as eat grass and root for grubs. All of our cattle and lamb are 100% grass fed and finished from the time they are weaned to being finished and processed.

Lastly, we offer pasture raised, organically fed seasonal turkeys. This turkey breed is known as the Broad Breasted White turkey and they will range between 8-20 pounds and will be delivered between Nov. 12-Nov. 25th.