Sonyola Granola
Best. Granola. Ever.
Contact Information

Sonya Muhammad
(713) 539-8977
2601 Cartwright #115
Misouri City, TX 77459

20 years ago, in hopes of creating a great tasting nutritional snack for my family. I wanted something that didn’t have flour (rice or almond), fillers (rice crispies), artificial flavors/colors/dyes, GMO’s (genetically modified organism) and wasn’t hard to chew. I wanted to make simple granola.

In 2002, we officially became Sonyola Granola. Since that time, we have perfected the taste and texture of our granola . We are very pleased with our light and crispy granola and make sure that LOVE is in every bite. We do not keep a large standing inventory. Our granola is made to order to ensure freshness, therefore: no preservatives are ever used in our product. Baked within days of its final sale, our granola arrives in your kitchen the same way it leaves ours, fresh and naturally delicious.

The most rewarding part is watching the moment of discovery, when a new customer realizes they’ve just found the perfect breakfast or snack. Our granola is excellent and we’re not afraid to say so (smile). We hope you enjoy!