Wantsumeaux Gumbeaux
Award winning gumbo and other Cajun inspired mixes
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Susan Armand
(713) 248-0681
3939 Braxton Dr
Houston, Texas 77063

AWARD winning gumbo.  Gumbo, etouffee, white gravy, brown gravy mixes plus our own special WG seasoning.  All of our mixes are gluten free, and the seasoning can be used on everything from eggs to meat to soups and stews; anything that needs a little kick. 

Wantsumeaux Gumbeaux
Wantsumeaux Brown Gravy Mix

Easy, delicious brown gravy mix.

Wantsumeaux Gumbeaux
Wantsumeaux Etouffee Mix

Dry etouffee mix includes vegetables, dry roux, seasoning packet.

Wantsumeaux Gumbeaux
Wantsumeaux Gumbeaux Mix

Dry mix complete with vegetables, dry roux and seasoning packets.

Wantsumeaux Gumbeaux
Wantsumeaux White Gravy Mix

Easy white pepper gravy, or as the true Southerners call it, Cream Gravy.

Wantsumeaux Gumbeaux
WG Seasoning - Large

All Purpose Cajun Seasoning - Large

Wantsumeaux Gumbeaux
WG Seasoning - Small

All Purpose Cajun Seasoning - Small