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Bread is Life
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Philip Gerding
(409) 692-9873
1519 17th street
Galveston, Texas 77550

Bread is Life is what we believe. and it shouldn't have anything in it  that doesn't need to be there.

I started baking bread over a quarter of a century ago, using a recipe from a cookbook at the bookstore where I worked.  They were “country loaves” made with milk and butter and baked in loaf pans. 
It took a while but I eventually stumbled on a book called Bread Alone, by Dan Leader. If you want to get a serious understanding of why bread does what it does, and how you can affect that process, read the book. There are many others but that is what started it all for me. 
Today I bake from a carefully nurtured starter that begin life with the King Arthur flour company over 200 years ago. I bake different breads using different types of flour, winter and spring wheat, whole wheat and rye. 
I use only King Arthur flour the best you can buy!
When you open a bag of real flour, that hasn’t been bleached with chlorine like so much of what is sold today, you can smell the earth waiting for you.  I bake bread and sometimes Cinnamon Rolls simply because I like baking bread. I hope you will try my breads. I will only sell something I would serve to my family and my friends. I hope to serve you soon. Philip