Jolly Farms
Pasture Raised & Organic Fed Farm Fresh Chickens
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Kevin Cox
(832) 875-3661
618 County Road 192
Alvin, TX 77511

We receive our chicks when they are just one day old!  We brood them in a temperature controlled environment for 3-4 weeks until they are big enough to be pastured.  They spend the next 4 weeks free range living and have access to all things natural; fresh air, natural sunlight, dry soil, bugs, Bermuda grass in the summer and Winter Rye grass in the winter.  They have access to floorless hoop houses that are moved daily;​ for shelter during the day and security at night.  ​

And when their time comes...we take them to a local state certified processing facility where a state employee is onsite inspecting the facility for cleanliness and each one of our chickens.

They are processed by hand and rinsed with only fresh running water, not a bleach bath like the industry standard.  After air chilling and draining, the next day our chickens are then vacuum packed with their giblets and natural juices, and are never subjected to any brine injections.  

Thus making our all natural meat superior in taste and texture!