Beeswax Candle -- Pillar 5"
Bull Nettle Ridge

Beeswax Candle

 The pillar candle — a beauty in a class all by itself.  Use it for every day use or dress it up on a beautiful tablescape.  

Our pillar candle comes in two sizes—three inch by three inch and three inch by five inch.  Our three inch tall pillar has an optimum burn time of 40 hours.  Our five inch tall pillar has an optimum burn time of 60 hours. Both have the sweet smell of honey that is so wonderful.

Pure beeswax candles:
  • Clean burning and drip less than other wax candles
  • Non-toxic, releasing no chemicals into the air
  • Release negative ions, helping to neutralize pollutants in the air 
  • Longer burn time than other candles
  • Have a sweet natural honey scent 
  • Have the brightest, purest light and are closest to natural sunlight 

All of our candles are hand poured by us here at Bull Nettle Ridge.  They make a great gift any time of year.