Beeswax Candle -- Baby Yoda
Bull Nettle Ridge

The Child

A favorite with all of our customers, young and old!!  He stands 3 1/2 inches tall, is made of pure beeswax and is adorable.  Grab one for the Baby Yoda lover on your shopping list.

  • great addition to a gift basket
  • pair with one of our small muth jars of honey for an inexpensive gift
  • perfect for friends, coworkers, secret Santa
  • mix and match several candles for an amazing hostess gift
  • can you say PERFECT TEACHER GIFT???

Beeswax candles

  • produce negative ions when burning and help to neutralize orders rather than masking them
  • burn clean with very little smoke when trimmed properly -- trim wick to 1/8"
  • have a high melting point resulting in a longer burn time
  • are hypo-allergenic

For optimum burn time, trim wick to 1/8" before burning.